Erben Wennemars ambassador VitaePro​​


DEUX Agency joined forces with dietary supplement VitaePro to launch a Dutch ambassador program. Together we found the perfect match with former speed skater Erben Wennemars, a personality representing an active and energetic mindset.

VitaePro is a unique nutritional supplement that has been developed and improved for 15 years. Subsequently, it has grown into Scandinavia’s number 1 supplement for muscles and joints. Erben’s considers health an important aspect in his life. Therefore, he’s the perfect ambassador for the Norwegian supplement specialist. Resulting in a partnership with a natural fit.

VitaePro x
Erben Wennemars

Olympic medalist Erben Wennemars may have put away his skates for good, but that doesn’t mean he gave up sports all together. Wennemars had only one goal during his ice-skating career: “win!”. Today, staying in shape and keep on moving is essential part of his life. “When I keep on moving, my world continues to move”.

Reach the
Right Audience​

By creating a campaign with Erben Wennemars, we allowed VitaePro to express their brand values to the Dutch target audience. Demonstrating that the supplement’s ingredients support important functions of the body in a versatile way. A lot happens in the body when you exercise. For that reason, Erben points out that supplements can be additional good in combination with exercise.

Why did this
campaign succeed?

The matchmaking with VitaePro and Erben Wennemars was spot on. Consequently, resulting in  authentic content and consistent storytelling for the audience. This partnership supports VitaePro by demonstrating its local brand DNA in the Dutch market.

An increase of 50 to 75 percent in conversion.
As a result of consumer’s brand trust.

TV commercials with Erben Wennemars
had a 15 to 25 percent increase in performance.