The Holland Boat at the F1 in Monaco​


The Holland Boat is a unique place to meet during the Formula One in Monaco. With an exclusive berth directly adjacent to the track guests experience a spectacular view on the track while enjoying food and beverages in the Monaco sun.

The initiative started in 2018. About two hundred Dutch guests watched the race on a luxurious yacht. It was a big success. Therefore, a second edition was organized where the same luxury yacht would be converted into a true Dutch Flagship.

Unique F1 experience

In 2019, Grand Prix Radio joined forces with The Holland Boat for a media partnership. In order to create a unique experience for the Dutch guests around the Formula One, the Grand Prix radio was live broadcasted from the 72 meters yacht. As well as a post-match evaluation of the qualification and the race provided by Olav Mol and Jack Plooij. Additionally, the guests were also treated on spectacular entertainment by top artists and DJs. In short, the ultimate Formula One experience in Monte Carlo.
olav mol-01

Olav Mol on
the partnership

“These are beautiful new initiatives in the racing and media world,” Olav Mol stated. “Both the listener and the viewer are brought close to the most unique Formula 1 event on the calendar by our visual radio. That is what makes this collaboration so special. You can’t get any closer to the Monte Carlo feeling. Monaco is the race that all Formula 1 drivers really look forward to, but also one of the most difficult races. In addition, Monaco just breathes something magical. It is the most prestigious race.

A unique F1 experience for hundreds
of Dutch guests.

Two successful editions

Grand Prix Radio broadcasting live
from The Holland Boat.​