Femke Heemskerk ambassador for Swimtraxx​


DEUX Agency set up a partnership between Olympic swimming champion Femke Heemskerk and Swimtraxx. The aim for this ambassadorship was to increase the brand awareness of the swim system as well as being beneficial to Femke’s performance.  

Swimtraxx is passionate about promoting the sport of swimming. By globally bringing Swimtraxx to swimmers, they are giving back to a sport that has given them so much. This holistic and breakthrough solution helps to track and find continuous ways to improve Femke’s performance. As a result, this a natural choice of partnership.

A game changer
in swimming​

This tool revolutionizes swimming by giving instant feedback to the coach and fanatic swimmers. Insights are automatically displayed in real-time in the Swimtraxx coaching app. And as a swimmer, you can keep track of your workouts in a completely automated way. “It’s the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen”, Olympic swimming champion Heemskerk shares, “The device is really small and will help me get more info on how I train,and on which details I can improve. It’s for that reason I became a Swimtraxx ambassador.”

Why did this campaign succeed?

With Heemskerk’s unprecedented dedication to improve her swimming routine and Swimtraxx’s drive to optimize human performance, the ambassadorship led to the desired outcome of building communities, inciting deep collective emotion and bringing innovation to the world of sports. By globally bringing Swimtraxx to swimmers, they are giving back to a sport that has given them so much.

Femke on her

“First of all, I believe in the product. I have been swimming for so many years already that I need to search for little details to improve, I believe Swimtraxx One can help me with that. Also, I felt a connection with the developers of the product, which always makes it more fun to collaborate!”

Measures heart rate,
underwater time and stroke count

Swimtraxx also has a built in turn time,
stroke rate and breath count