Jutta Leerdam


Top talent Jutta Leerdam is an upcoming speed skater,  In season 2019 she won the Dutch Nationals, European Cup and World cup gold medal on the 1000 m sprint.  Jutta is now conquering social media. With an ongoing presence of 500K on Instagram, no one can ignore her.

We are proactive in seeking and activating short-term and long-term partnerships for Jutta. But the main focus is about winning at the Olympic Games 2022!

Jutta x Foodsprings

DEUX Agency is thrilled that Foodspring, a company specialized in Fitness and Healthy food, partnered up with Dutch speedskating talent Jutta Leerdam to build a community and give fitness enthusiasts some food for thought.

With an engagement rate exceeding 10%, Leerdam has significant interaction with her followers. She helps her audience to get into the good habit of supplements and protein. And incorporating that in the habit of cooking from scratch by providing easy-to-follow recipes that will supply joyful dishes that everyone will love. Fitness food that moves her but also her followers forward.

jutta leerdam and foodsprings
Jutta Leerdam kampioen

Jutta Leerdam
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Publications: LINDA. Zomer, LXRY, FHM 500

TV appearances: Op1, Beau, Art over de vloer