The next level


DEUX Agency is thrilled that Foodspring, a company specialized in Fitness and Healthy food, partnered up with Dutch speedskating talent Jutta Leerdam to build a community and give fitness enthusiasts some food for thought.

Jutta Leerdam x Foodspring

Foodpring states that “Quality is not an empty promise. It is a result of hard work.” This statement fits World Champion Jutta Leerdam like a glove. Foodspring has organic certified food that helps to take athletes to the next level. Jutta Leerdam and Foodspring are the perfect match.

High Engagement with Audience

With an engagement rate exceeding 10%, Leerdam has significant interaction with her followers. She helps her audience to get into the good habit of supplements and protein. And incorporating that in the habit of cooking from scratch by providing easy-to-follow recipes that will supply joyful dishes that everyone will love. Fitness food that moves her but also her followers forward.

Why did this campaign succeed?

The matchmaking with Foodpspring and Jutta Leerdam was spot on. With total freedom in production and recipes, Leerdam created highly creative, authentic and passionate content, paired with engaging calls to actions which tapped into the right target audience

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