Love at first touch! With Coco & Cici


How do you launch a new range of bedding, uniquely and sustainably designed to be sold online in Holland? 

You take the territory of sleeping. We sell sleep, not just sheets.

The brief

After designing and producing high quality bed linnen for a few years, our client decided to renew their brand identity and webshop. To compete successfully in this competitive market the product had to have a rare quality – a genuine, unique-selling proposition. The design concept is a premium product of 100% TENCEL. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, fully breathable with many durable functions and profits. A fair fashion statement and stylish in the bedroom. Our job was to create a powerful brand positioning with aligning thought over matter via copy writing. 

Our response

The positioning strategy was to take the warm and enthusiastic characters of Coco & Cici in a powerful clear and little rebellic tone of voice. Topped off with short, informatic and humorous copy. We had to make the Coco & Cici products the undisputed ‘go to’ bed linen. Taking the territory of Never Sleeping Better or softer for that matter and thereby alluding to the unique features of a night and day performance.


The positioning Coco & Cici is expressed with witty, informal and informational copy together with clear warm photography, carefully considered product shops, and a carrousel of target lines that cover no more than eight words. “We sell sleep, not just sheets”. Uitzonderlijk, zonder uitzondering. Love at first touch. These sheets are made for sleeping. And ofcourse all made SEO proof.