'Success is a blend' Chivas Regal

Brands are looking for ways to make a splash, disrupt categories and turn the eyeballs. Today’s consumers are conscious about the social implications of their purchasing habits.
And so did our client, Chivas Regal. The blended scotch whiskey maker started a campaign with famous dutch personality Johnny the Mol. Launched with a powerful slogan ‘Success is a blend’ Johnny and Chivas set foot on Dutch ground. That’s where we came in, activating their partnership in a way that resonated with both their audiences.

Our response

Keeping a strategic line between the product category of alcohol and the impact it has, we wanted to point in the direction of conversations over a drink bring people together. Success is a blend gives entrepreneurs and original memoires a fair ground. Johnny was the perfect person to break ground with them. His charism, responsibility and natural ability to ease people gave reason to bring this campaign to live. Keeping the spirit of Chivas in mind and thereby keeping thing authentic, 

The solution

A six video format with authentic personality’s that our target group wants to know more from.