At DEUX Events we have the strong belief that every individual deserves to be heard and seen. We act upon that belief by pursuing amazement, creating surprise and building strong connections in every event we create.


We take your party to the next level by finding unique locations, forging awesome concepts and games, making great adornment, and surprising continuously with shifting perceptions for our participants. We are experienced creators.


We have our roots in sports and music and firmly believe in the combination between the two. Whether it is an energizing Padel Experience or a mesmerizing Formula 1 trip in the Netherlands or abroad: we combine sports with an all-round immersive adventure.


Our sister, DEUX Agency, builds upon cooperation and bringing parties together to create extraordinary things: hence the name ‘DEUX’. Our elaborate network of clients, friends and fellow entrepreneurs allow us to create a network event for your business or peer group. We always strive to be different, inviting yet inclusive, informal yet high-end and memorable from start to finish.


With our understanding of our clients’ strategic challenges, we love to combine hard work with fun: we firmly believe that human capital is the pillar for every organization. Over the years we’ve gained an expertise in designing effective and engaging training days. We always strive to connect people and challenge them to grow.