DEUX is an independent partnership agency guided by strategic insights, research & creativity.
We have a shared marketing vision on utilising the power of collaboration in a cross-discipline of platforms. Our mission is to bring together the best possible combination because great business results can be achieved when giving partnerships a starring role. 
We work internationally from our office in Amsterdam for companies, people and brands that believe DEUX can be better than one.




Exploratory discussions and questioning to establish the framework and clarify the objectives. Before pursuing any kind of partnership its imperative to develop a criteria list. 



The thinking stage gives our creativity a sense of direction. Examine the competitive landscape, research the target audience and investigate potential platforms for innovation and collaboration.



Within the boundaries of our earlier listening and thinking, we give free rein to our creativity. We’ve sought out the potential partners and by following a few rules, we make, build and shape partnership concepts.

Make it extraordinary

This is the time to connect on vision, values and goals with the right companion and lay the foundation for a sustainable partnership. Through partnering up with the right concepts and activities, important goals can be achieved. 


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