Jutta Leerdam Guest at Talk Show Op1

Jutta Leerdam was invited as a guest at talk show Op1 to address her gold medal on the 1,000 meters. She gave the Netherlands the first individual world title at the World Championship in Salt Lake City.

Although Leerdam became world champion in the 1,000 meters, she did not expect that she would succeed this year already: “I thought it might be too early, because I am only 21-years-old.” Nevertheless, she has achieved this impressive performance. At Op1 she shows her golden medal. Watch the interview here.

About Jutta Leerdam

Jutta is an upcoming Dutch speed skater. In 2019 she won the Dutch Nationals, European and World Championship. Additionally, Leerdam is taking over social media. With an impressive following of 500K on Instagram and her blooming career, she’s a role model for every generation.